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Can your Friends See Your TikTok Comments?

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Can your friends see TikTok comments?.
this question is very common, because Tiktok, like all social networks, has the option to leave comments and actively interact on your videos

By making friends on TikTok, you and your friends can do special things. One of them, you can monitor all the public activities of your friends, like comments, likes and others.

Can your Friends See Your TikTok Comments?

If possible, even if your comment is awarded with many hearts (likes), it will be positioned at the top of the entire list of comments, so it will have greater visibility for the entire public that views the comments of that tiktok video. Therefore the comments are sorted by popularity.

The comments are public, so in addition to your friends, everyone who watches the video will have access to read them.

can you see your friends’ comments on TikTok? Yes, of course you can. Even if you don’t remember he is your friend, the TikTok system will tell you that he is your TikTok friend next to his username.


Your friends and the general public can see your comments

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