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iOS 16 Feature CapCut template 2023

in on April 19, 2023 by Minor Jordan
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Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Get ios 16 Feature CapCut Template for free! Download and apply the effect in CapCut Pro App with just one click. Click the template link now!.

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seen on tiktok

CapCut, a popular photo and video editing app, has become a go-to for content creators who want to make their mark on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With a vast array of templates already available, CapCut has introduced the exciting addition of the iOS 16 feature Capcut template.

What makes the ios 17 features capcut templates stand out is their ability to display the complete iOS 16 interface in your videos. These templates offer a range of options for creating high-quality videos with an iOS 16 UI. From the background removal feature to the video recording frame, these templates allow you to create stunning videos that mimic the iOS interface, even if you’re editing them on an Android device.

What’s more, these templates enable you to create an iOS mockup video. Whether you’re showcasing a new app or product, or you simply want to give your viewers a glimpse of what your content would look like on an iPhone or iPad, these templates are a game-changer.

Use “ios 16 Feature” direct capcut original link

⬇️ Use template ios 16 Feature ORIGINAL [1] in CapCut (Direct link)

⬇️ Use template copy share ORIGINAL [2] in CapCut (Direct link)

⬇️ Use template ios 16 screen ORIGINAL [3] in CapCut (Direct link)

⬇️ Use template ios 16 screen ORIGINAL [4] in CapCut (Direct link)

⬇️ Use template ios 16 screen ORIGINAL [5] in CapCut (Direct link)

Capcut Tip:

CapCut supports green screens or what's also known as chroma key, and this works on both desktop and mobile, so here once again on my  timeline, I have two clips and the top most layer has a video of me with a green screen behind me, but I just want to overlay the video underneath. I’ll select the video clip on top, then once again, I’ll go up into the top right-hand corner and select video, then cutout. But instead of choosing auto cutout like we did last time, this time I'll select chroma key and I need to select the color. I'll click on this and then I'll go over and select the color green. This will remove the color green. I am now overlaying this other video clip. For the best result, you'll want to make sure that your green screen is evenly lit.

Template Overview

Name IOS 16 Screen
Video Duration 00:18 Seconds
Author LC Editing
Size 5293KB
Usage 17M+
Publish date April 13, 2023


Steps to use template

If you can’t find the template you are looking for, we make it easy for you with the direct link.

  1. Click on our template link
  2. The IOS 16 Screen template page will open
  3. Click on the use template button
  4. The CapCut app will open.
  5. Add your photos
  6. Export and enjoy your video
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