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Dumb ways to die Capcut Template ❤️ [8M+ Download]

in on February 6, 2023 by Minor Jordan
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Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Are you looking for the new Dumb ways to die CapCut Template ? Download and edit your video in capcut with the trendy template of the moment in Tiktok.

Dumb Ways To Die‘ is back as a TikTok trend and the videos are hilarious.

Who doesn’t remember those days when we spent hours on ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, the well-known video game that showed us how colorful and cute characters could die in the silliest ways (hence the name) if they didn’t follow safety tips that were fairly common in the world.

From not sticking forks in a toaster, disturbing a bear, taking expired medicine or eating things that weren’t refrigerated for days, ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ was an unexpected hit in mobile video games a few years ago.

In the videos in question we can see how dozens of people seem to have zero common sense and do things that from the beginning look like they will end badly, such as sliding into a laundry basket or hitting a bee hive.

The videos in question have gone viral for showing these situations that are just paused before people get hurt.

Seen on Tiktok
seen on tiktok

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Download “Dumb ways to die” Capcut Template Free edit

If you’re looking for the trending Dumb Ways to Die CapCut Template, then you’ve come to the right place as we always share the latest CapCut templates. This particular template has gone viral on social media, especially on platforms like TikTok, and you can create your own viral video using this template.

As you may already know, CapCut is a popular and free video editing app that frequently releases new templates. The Dumb Ways to Die template has become particularly popular recently, and you may have seen videos made with this template on social media. In fact, this template has already been used more than 5.99 million times to create videos. It was created by a user named nono.

You can create your own video using this template for free in just a few minutes. We hope you like this amazing CapCut template!

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CapCut Bonus tip!:
Auto captions

You can generate auto captions. Basically, text that matches word for word what you're saying.   Within CapCut, here I have a video of myself speaking and I want this to have some captions. I'll click on text and within the text group there's the option for auto captions. When I click on this, it starts listening to all of the audio and it generates captions that match every single thing that I say, and here now we see captions overlayed on top of my video. That was pretty easy. Now when you look at the text, the style might not match exactly what you're looking for. I can click on the text, and I can go through, and I could update the style to something that I like. Once I make my changes to the text, I can set it so it automatically applies it to all of the captions of my video.

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Template Overview

NameDumb ways to die
Video Duration00:12 Seconds
Publish dateFebruary 6, 2023


Steps to use template

If you can’t find the template you are looking for, we make it easy for you with the direct link.

  1. Click on our template link
  2. The Dumb ways to die template page will open
  3. Click on the use template button
  4. The CapCut app will open.
  5. Add your photos
  6. Export and enjoy your video
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