“El Gato” Cat Tiktok Template to print 🐱 – Munchkin Kitty Papercraft

Interested in making the viral meme “El Gato” Cat TikTok template (paperized munchkin kitty)?

Seen on Tiktok
seen on tiktok


🐱 We have the viral paper munchkin cat “el Gato” PDF template to download and 🖨️ print

If interested, then you can download “El Gato” Dudul Cat template. By using a template, it will be easier for you to compose a viral “El Gato” Cat figure.

Paper munchkin cat template is a paper craft in the form of a Cat figure that is currently viral. You can make a “El Gato” cat figure using the paperized munchkin kitty template. “El gato” Cat paper figure or doll can later be used as a display.


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paperized munchkin kitty template PDF


👉 How to Make a TikTok Paper Munchkin cat “El gato template

Easy: print the template, cut along the dotted lines, glue it together and enjoy!

  1. ⬇️ Download “El gato” the paper munchkin cat (Kitty Papercraft) template that we have provided above.
  2. 🖨️ Print or print the template that you have downloaded, print it in large size if you want the result to be large.
  3. 📋 Prepare the tools and materials needed, namely scissors and glue.
  4. ✂️ After that, you can cut the Dudul Kucing template according to the dotted line in the template.
  5. 🖇️ Then you can start bending and assembling the Dudul Cat’s body parts.
  6. 🧴 Glue the parts of the Dudul Cat that have been assembled using glue. Do this until all parts are assembled and stick perfectly.
  7. 📌 If you are confused about the steps to attach and assemble Dudul Kucing, then you can watch the full tutorial at https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=UrX21lrrE6w.

That’s how to make Dudul Kucing which is currently viral. So, hopefully this viral paper munchkin cat tutorial can be useful for you. Good luck!


⬇️ Download: Paper munchkin cat template


If you want to learn how to make the tiktok cat meme “el gato meme” template, we leave you a video tutorial:




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“El Gato” Cat Tiktok Template to print 🐱 – Munchkin Kitty Papercraft

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