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“El Gato” Cat Tiktok Template to print ? – Munchkin Kitty Papercraft

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Last Updated on April 15, 2022

Interested in making the viral meme “El Gato” Cat TikTok template (paperized munchkin kitty)?

Seen on Tiktok
seen on tiktok


? We have the viral paper munchkin cat “el Gato” PDF template to download and ?️ print

If interested, then you can download “El Gato” Dudul Cat template. By using a template, it will be easier for you to compose a viral “El Gato” Cat figure.

Paper munchkin cat template is a paper craft in the form of a Cat figure that is currently viral. You can make a “El Gato” cat figure using the paperized munchkin kitty template. “El gato” Cat paper figure or doll can later be used as a display.


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paperized munchkin kitty template PDF


? How to Make a TikTok Paper Munchkin cat “El gato template

Easy: print the template, cut along the dotted lines, glue it together and enjoy!

  1. ⬇️ Download “El gato” the paper munchkin cat (Kitty Papercraft) template that we have provided above.
  2. ?️ Print or print the template that you have downloaded, print it in large size if you want the result to be large.
  3. ? Prepare the tools and materials needed, namely scissors and glue.
  4. ✂️ After that, you can cut the Dudul Kucing template according to the dotted line in the template.
  5. ?️ Then you can start bending and assembling the Dudul Cat’s body parts.
  6. ? Glue the parts of the Dudul Cat that have been assembled using glue. Do this until all parts are assembled and stick perfectly.
  7. ? If you are confused about the steps to attach and assemble Dudul Kucing, then you can watch the full tutorial at https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=UrX21lrrE6w.

That’s how to make Dudul Kucing which is currently viral. So, hopefully this viral paper munchkin cat tutorial can be useful for you. Good luck!


⬇️ Download: Paper munchkin cat template


If you want to learn how to make the tiktok cat meme “el gato meme” template, we leave you a video tutorial:




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