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Top 3 Baby Face CapCut Template Links ❤️ Free [130M+ Uses]

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Are you looking for the Top 3 Baby Face Capcut Templates? ✌ Use and edit your video in capcut with the trendy video template of the moment in Tiktok.
With this template you can show a photo of when you were a child / baby and a photo of today with a transition effect as a curtain, the result is spectacular.

If you came to our website it is because you can’t find the most searched templates on tiktok, but we remedy that by offering you direct links so you can use the trending template of the moment in your Capcut editing app

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seen on tiktok

Use Top 3 Baby Face Capcut Template direct links – Free edit

We offer you the 6 Best Baby face templates so you can make your best videos on Capcut
Baby Face Capcut Template link has recently become one of the most viral templates on the Tik Tok platform, among others

Download “Top 3 Baby Face” Capcut Templates

  1. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 1

    – created by Archie

  2. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 2

    – created by Archie Deogrades

  3. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 3

    – created by Kuys JD Rosita

  4. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 4

    – created by Cathy Joy Cordero

  5. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 5

    – created by Janrose1128

  6. ⬇️ Baby Face CapCut Template direct link 6

    – created by NUEL DICHOSO

CapCut Bonus tip!:

Tracking and this one only works on mobile currently. This is such a cool effect. Here in CapCut, I already have text and I have my video clip with my hand out. I'll click on the text. Within text, there's the option for tracking. Once I select tracking, I now have to select what object I want to track. Now I’ll click on tracking. Once it's all done tracking my object, I can now press on play and here we'll see that the text is now locked to my object, and I could track many other types of things as well, and I could lock that to many other types of objects.

Template Overview

NameTop Baby Face
Video Duration00:13 Seconds
AuthorSau Story
Size5393 KB
Usage / Downloads130M+
Publish dateOctober 1, 2022


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Baby face Capcut viral template | Tiktok Trending template


If you can’t find the template you are looking for, we make it easy for you with the direct link.

  • Click on our template link
  • The Baby Face template page will open
  • Click on the use template button
  • The CapCut app will open.
  • Add your photos
  • Export and enjoy your video
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