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Douyin vs Tiktok. Are not the same

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Last Updated on May 13, 2022

What douyin means?

The original name of the app Tiktok in China is Douyin, which means “shake the music” in Chinese. This name suits it well, as it is a social network based on sharing short music clips. However, outside China it goes by the name TikTok, and you can find it available for both iOS and Android.

The application was launched in September 2016, it only took 200 days to develop, so it seems they had a pretty clear idea. Its growth has also had a spectacular speed, because if according to Chinese portals, last February the partner network had a total of 66 million daily active users, in October 2018 other sources point out that it has already surpassed the barrier of 130 million users.


Douyin vs Tiktok

The main difference with Tiktok is that douyin has an online editor, with which you can edit any video from your computer, something very useful to work more comfortably in a much larger interface than on the mobile screen.

In this table you will find many other differences between the two platforms

tiktok vs douyin table

To summarize, we can conclude that Douyin is the most advanced version of TikTok both in terms of functionality and monetization techniques. This App is turning more and more towards the social commerce model to offer a complete experience to users.

That said, nothing tells us that TikTok is not set to evolve in the same way. it is presumable to think that ByteDance wants to apply what it experienced with Douyin to its international version as well. An indication of this desire comes to us from the growing trend in sponsorship products, even if not purchased directly from the app. This was one of the stages in the evolution of Douyin itself. It is therefore very likely that ByteDance will want to expand more strongly also in the international market through TikTok. We will have to see how much the latter will evolve following in the footsteps of its “twin”.

Douyin app download

You can also download the Androind APK app by clicking here

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